Two Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Toddler In A Religious Preparatory School


If you have a small toddler who is just approaching school age, you are likely considering which preparatory school you should send them to.  You want to give them a great foundation of learning so that they will flourish once they are ready for kindergarten.  However, if you are strongly religious, you also must think about whether you should send the child to a public preparatory school, or one that is native to your religion.

10 May 2017

Tips Parents Can Use For Reinforcing The Skills Children Learn At Preschool


The key to your child's success in school depends on your input. Children that do not spend time studying with their parents do not have the advantage of children whose parents take the time to reinforce academic skills. Follow these tips for helping your child build a strong educational foundation. Early Exposure To The ABCs And 123s Exposing your child to books and printed material as early as possible is important.

14 May 2015