School Safety And Security Upgrades For Administrators To Consider


It is an unfortunate reality that school safety has to be a major concern for administrators, employees, and students. For administrators, there are modern technological systems that can be installed that will be able to greatly improve the overall security and safety of those on the premises.

Security Cameras

Security cameras can be one of the most basic and important tools that you can install to improve the safety and security of your building. These cameras can provide valuable evidence for the areas of the building that may be difficult to monitor. Additionally, modern security cameras can provide live feeds of their footage to a secured connection. As a result, administrators and first responders may be able to view the footage in real-time to help improve their decision-making capabilities.

Secured Interior Doors

During an emergency, it can be essential to secure the interior of the school. One solution for this can be to utilize security doors that can be remotely locked and secured. This will allow the administrators to rapidly take action to secure the building when there is an intruder or other emergency situation developing at the property. In addition to being able to secure the building against intruders, you may also want to consider installing security doors that are highly resistant to fires. This will enable these doors to also act as fire barriers in the event that flames erupt in an area of the building. Be strategic with where these doors are installed so that you can provide the right balance of security while still allowing those in the building paths to escape.

Communication Systems

In a crisis, effective communication is a critical component of any response. Unfortunately, the large size of schools and the speed at which a crisis can develop will potentially lead to extreme difficulties with communication among the staff members as well as the first responders that may be on the site. To this end, many school administrators will install emergency communication systems in each classroom. These systems can be different from the building's general intercom system as they can be designed to offer more discrete communication. This can be essential when the staff and students are having to shelter in place in the classrooms as they may need to be quiet to avoid drawing attention to themselves. In addition to being able to use these systems from the school's primary office, many of these systems can also integrate with the radio systems that first responders use to enable more seamless communication between those in the building and the responders that are on the premises. 

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18 August 2022

Benefits of Educational Choice

I recently made the decision to move my kids from their public school to a private religious school. It isn't that I thought that the public schools were doing a bad job of teaching the basics, but I wanted them to have more than just basics. I wanted them to learn about our faith -- not just Sunday at church, but how it affects our lives every day. I felt that a religious school could help them see our religion not as some abstract thing that only happens in church, but as something that is relevant to the math and spelling words and science that they study every day. I know that I'm lucky to have the choice to educate my kids this way. If you're looking for something more from your children's education, you should also look into exercising your right to choose the direction of your child's education.