What Do Christian Private Schools Offer?


Raising Christian kids can be difficult in a secular world. The kind of education that kids receive plays a role in determining what type of adults they will be in the future. Choosing to educate your child at a private Christian school can give them a moral and intellectual foundation that will empower them to make excellent choices throughout their lives. These are some great things that Christian private schools can offer:

1. Education At All Ages

Most children enter school at around 5 years of age when they begin kindergarten. A child's early years are of the utmost importance because they form a foundation that all other learning will be built upon. Fortunately, many Christian private schools offer K-12 classes. Enrolling your child in a Christian academy starting in elementary school can give your student the opportunity to grow in the Lord. However, it's never too late to make the switch to a Christian school. Many Christian schools also accept students in the middle school and high school grade levels.

2. Campus Activities

It's natural for parents to be predominantly concerned with their kids' education. Christian schools provide excellent academic classes and support in order to prepare students for college. However, campus life doesn't stop there. Christian schools also offer extracurricular clubs and sports to help kids develop their interests in areas such as debate, chess, and literature. Kids can also partake in campus-wide activities, such as school dances and events. At Christian schools, these extracurricular activities are always designed to be God-honoring and age-appropriate.

3. Chapel Services

Worshiping with other believers is an important way for Christians to strengthen their faith. Many students attend church or mass with their families every Sunday. Attending a Christian private school can provide kids with additional opportunities to attend chapel services throughout the week. Chapel services may be led by campus chaplains or other faculty members. Learning about the Word of God, singing hymns, and reading from the Bible will encourage students to engage with their faith as deeply as they engage with their other studies.

4. College Counseling

Finally, Christian private schools strive to prepare students for university. One of the ways they accomplish this is by providing kids with college counseling. College counselors can help students decide which schools they'd like to apply to. They can also help kids complete their applications and gather supplementary admissions materials, such as letters of recommendation and transcripts.


15 December 2022

Benefits of Educational Choice

I recently made the decision to move my kids from their public school to a private religious school. It isn't that I thought that the public schools were doing a bad job of teaching the basics, but I wanted them to have more than just basics. I wanted them to learn about our faith -- not just Sunday at church, but how it affects our lives every day. I felt that a religious school could help them see our religion not as some abstract thing that only happens in church, but as something that is relevant to the math and spelling words and science that they study every day. I know that I'm lucky to have the choice to educate my kids this way. If you're looking for something more from your children's education, you should also look into exercising your right to choose the direction of your child's education.