4 Things A Christian Academy Can Do For Your Child


Christian schools can provide lifelong foundations for kids to build upon. Christian schools are private academies where religion can be openly discussed and practiced. A Christian academy can do these things for your child: 1. Encourage Them to Memorize Bible Verses Reading the Bible is an important activity for every Christian. However, simply reading the Bible isn't enough. Christians should also strive to memorize and put what they learn into practice.

28 April 2021

What Can An All-Boys Catholic School Offer?


Teenage boys develop rapidly, growing in mind and body with each passing day. A good education can shape your son into an honorable and knowledgeable young man. Your son can find an excellent education at a private school. Here are four things an all-boys Catholic school can offer young men: 1. Freedom From Secular Ideas Of Masculinity Teenage boys are on the cusp of manhood. However, the question of what it means to be a man has many different answers, depending on whom you ask.

23 February 2021